Tired of torn jeans and having to fumble for your tape measure? The Hip Clip is a quick and simple solution to your problems. Its a basic, tested and durable design that snaps right onto your belt providing a metal hook for your tape measure to secure to. Using The Hip Clip will save you time, frustration and money. Your tape measure will always be at your side for easy access and efficient use when you need it.

Polpropylene web straping, that wraps around any standard size belt up to 2 1/4 wide, to secures your tape measure to your side.
High quality snap, keeps The Hip Clip securely closed.
Additional velcro around snap for extra strength.
Strong enough to hold ANY size tape measure.

Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY)
Construction Workers
Home Remodelers

HVAC Technicians
Anybody who uses a tape measure
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